Author: Melissa Rawson

I’m 35 and I don’t know how to make friends as an adult.

I’m not an expert in this field, so I’d like to hear your thoughts on this dilemma. How on earth do you make friends as an adult Especially if you’re a parent. I recently turned 35 and similar to the natural collagen in my face, my friendship pool is declining. People say it is because […]


Dedicated to a loved one and his family You fight back tears until you can no longer. And we cry with you too. Though our tears are not for us. They are for you. They are for your family. They are for all the people your loved one has left behind. We see you trying […]

Sleep deprivation made me not want to be a Mum

Trigger warning: sleep training, mental health and intrusive thoughts. Sleep training or co-sleeping? Cry-it-out method or rocking to sleep? Never wake a sleeping baby or stick to a strict routine? What’s right and what’s wrong? What may align with your parenting values are likely to be different to mine and others. Sleep anxiety before baby […]

Travel anxiety with toddlers and how to overcome it

I have been avoiding air travel with my kids since this minor incident.  At six months old, Tate and Levi had travelled on six flights in 10 days across Eastern Australia.  They were little enough that they could only just sit upright and still slept every three hours.  Five of the six flights were honestly […]

Christmas, social anxiety and a ruined wedding – 2024, where you at?!

Written December 21st, 2023 Christmas is a joyous time for love, sharing, giving and the magic of Santa. I love Christmas as much as the next person. While this time of year may bring happiness to many, it is also difficult for many. Those who have experienced loss, going through a tough situation or simply […]

Looking for child-friendly restaurants in Melbourne? Here are five you must visit.

When choosing a place for lunch, the first thing I do as a parent of active toddlers is to suss out the child-friendly restaurants near me. I’m not just talking about if they have high chairs or a kids menu (Buy-one-get-one-free kids meals are an added bonus for those of us with multiple children). By […]