Dedicated to a loved one and his family

You fight back tears until you can no longer.

And we cry with you too.

Though our tears are not for us.

They are for you.

They are for your family.

They are for all the people your loved one has left behind.

We see you trying to stay strong in those hours after their passing.

The moment truly hasn’t sunk in.

We don’t know what to say.

So we stand with you.

We feel hopeless,

Yet, we’ll act the moment you need us.

We all hover silently around you.

Our silence gives us time to remember your person.

Even the briefest of moments, we hold them close for you.

Because we know, that what we feel, you feel infinitely more.

There is little we can do to ease your suffering.

Except to tell you we are here for you.

Everyone you know and love is thinking of you.

For life is truly fleeting.

We are here for a mere moment.

And then we are gone the next.

In these times of tragedy, we hold each other closer than ever.

As time progresses, your pain will turn into an ache.

And for most of us, one day, your loved one will be a memory.

But to you – their family – they will forever be the piece missing in your heart.

The piece taken from your soul,

Forever engrained in loving light in your heart.

For you had a short amount of time together,

But your time was filled with love and laughter.

They will be proudly looking down on you,

As we will be walking proudly beside you,

So you will never be alone.

10 thoughts on “Grief

  1. I Lost my partner suddenly last Monday morning at the young age of 43. I’m in so much pain and so are my young children. Trying to save him and losing him are feelings I would not wish on my worst enemy. The pain is never going to leave me and I can only hope one day I will meetup with him again. ❤️

    1. Mel. I am so sorry for your loss. I couldn’t begin to imagine what you are going through. If there is anything I can do for you – please let me know. You are not alone <3

  2. This struck such a huge chord with me. I lost my husband in 2010 after he battled a devastating heart / lung illness for many years. The void it left I can’t ever put adequately into words I don’t think.
    The loss, the grief. The finality. It’s heartbreaking.

    Absolutely love your blogs. So real. So authentic. Thank you xxx

  3. Beautifully said Lisa. There is nothing you can do to ease their pain but just be there even silently…. No words just listen. Their numbness will lift as probably in survival mode atm and when that does the internal terror begins, the internal questions of where are they? Are they ok? Please god give them back and it goes on and on. Late night terror screams that only end from exhaustion until they wake and for a split second they forget and then they remember 😢.
    I’m speaking from experience sadly as I lost my 28 year old son 7 years this July and it never goes away. I hope they find the support they need but until then being there is all that’s needed atm.

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