My top 10 must-have baby products I couldn’t live without as a new Mum

As a first-time parent, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all the baby products on the market. I had trouble deciding what would likely be a necessity versus what I would consider a luxury. Of course, we all want what’s best for our baby, while trying to keep our bank balance in check. I started off with the bare minimum and once the twins were born, I quickly worked out exactly what I needed and what was important to me. Therefore, here are my top 10 most used and essential baby items.

Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid

Our Glow Dreaming sleep aid has been used almost every night. It’s packed with plenty of features, my favourite being the pink noise. I turn this on, set the timer and use the sound to subdue the background noise of our busy household. Although the twins can sleep without it, they tend to sleep just as well with the pink noise on, especially when Bryce tends to make a ruckus when getting ready for work at 4am.

I know sleep aids can be a controversial topic and what works for us may not work for you. I suggest doing your own research and reading reviews to make the best choice for yourself and your child – because getting enough sleep is just as important for us Mumma’s too! 

Il Tutto Rocking Reclining Chair

This beautiful reclining rocking chair from Il Tutto quickly became one of my most used baby items. When getting up multiple times during the night, I didn’t want to leave the warm nursery and sit in the cold, dark living room. I have fallen asleep in the chair many nights and still use it now when the twins are sick, to read a bedtime story or when I need some “me” time with a cuppa. Il Tutto make gorgeous furniture among other things however my favourite piece is the Chelsea Glider in Grey Frost.

Ergo Pouch Sleepsuits

This versatile sleep suit that adjusts to your growing baby is perfect for when they need warmth without blankets or comforters. We’ve progressed from cocoon swaddles to sleepsuits since the boys were newborns (we used them every night sleep), and as they’re still not ready for blankets just yet, I’ve just upgraded to the toddler size. The Ergo Pouch range comes in a variety of sizes, colours, styles and TOGs.

Bambino Bagz Sorrento Nappy Backpack

Okay, the baby bag is one item I didn’t think I’d need. I’ve been using the same Ripcurl backpack for years and planned to use that for the twins’ stuff – oh, how wrong I was! If you’ve had a baby, you tend to forget all the essential items you’ll need to pack in the nappy bag without having to rummage around for something. We’re talking nappies, dirty nappy bags, wipes, bottles, formula/water/breastmilk, Sudocream, swaddles, blankets, toys, spare clothes, dummies – the list goes on. And twins mean double of everything! You also end up adding your wallet, keys, and phone to the backpack too. That’s why the Sorrento nappy bag by Bambino Bagz has been perfect for me. It features multiple pockets, a thermos front pocket for two bottles, a clip for car keys, USB charger point, a changing mat and enough space for all the above.

Cubbi Buddi Play Couch 

While this isn’t a necessity for newborns or babies, once your little one becomes a toddler and starts walking and exploring, they tend to climb on anything and everything – case and point, our glass coffee table. We moved that out of the lounge room quick smart and replaced it with the Cubbi Buddi play couch. This couch can be positioned in a variety of fun and interactive ways and is sturdy yet comfortable enough to jump (and sleep) on. The twins spend a great deal of time launching from the couch onto their Cubbi Buddi which tires them out just in time for bed. 

The Midnight Gang Waterproof Sheet Protector

These sheet protectors are fantastic as they’re designed to be waterproof and protect the underlying mattress and bedding. They also make changing the bedding easier, especially in the middle of the night. Tate has been sick on the protector several times over the last few months – I just pull it off, throw it in the wash and the main sheet and bedding remained dry underneath for Tate to continue sleeping on. Timesaver!

Want to save 15% off bedding? Use LISS15OFF at the checkout (Not an affiliate, provided generously by the owner who is a hard-working boss Mumma).

Riff Raff Sleep Toys

These adorable toys have become the twins favourite comforter. They’re old enough now to cuddle these in bed and even know how to turn them on. I often hear one of the boys stirring during the night and managing to activate the sound effects (found in the ears) to help soothe themselves back to sleep. One side of the toy produces music while the other simulates a heartbeat. Additionally, the Riff Raffs are machine washable and have survived many falls from the cot.

Things for Twins Feeding Pillow

The twin feeding pillow from Things for Twins was a game-changer. I used it for feeds, a place for Levi and Tate to sit and chill while I made myself a coffee and a great headrest for me during those nights I slept on the floor of their nursery. I could and did take it everywhere and it was definitely an essential item not only for me as a new Mum but as a Mum of multiples.

Dockatot Lounge Chair 

These portable and lightweight baby loungers were perfect for the twins to snuggle and sleep in while I kept a watchful eye. I would sometimes prop them up and feed the twins in them. And my favourite thing? I would put the DockATot in the car and take them to the beach, watch local footy, or to the park – anywhere really! They have a handle, come in a great travel pouch and the covers are machine washable. 

Missta bottle

Last but not least, my sleek and smart thermos (bet you’ve never heard that before!). While there are many thermos options available, the Missta bottle was a stand-out as soon as I used it. The twins were formula-fed and the Missta was useful for on the go and during late-night feeds when I was too sleep-deprived to turn on the kettle or wait for the water to boil. The lid came with a built-in thermometer, which helped determine the water temperature. 

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