Bullying: My children will be targeted because of how we are perceived.

I live in fear of our children being harassed online in the future.

How I was portrayed, who I am married to, how we met and undoubtedly remained together as a functioning couple means our twins are destined to be bullied at some point.

A man implied I couldn’t have a career now that I was a Mum

A recent reel on Instagram garnered more attention than I had anticipated. I’d been on mental health leave since March this year. During this time, my employer and I decided to call time on our relationship.

I was robbed in Thailand whilst on my honeymoon – here’s what happened.

I’d been eagerly awaiting our honeymoon to Thailand for 15 months. That’s how long it’d been since we were married (for real). The trip was wonderful with a few, let’s say, unique events that certainly made it a memorable honeymoon – like being robbed and a flight from hell.

Beware the fake influencer: buying followers, blue ticks and only it for the money

The post discusses the reality behind social media influencers, highlighting ethical issues like undisclosed sponsorships, fake followers, debunking the value of a ‘blue tick’ and performing due diligence to avoid business scams.

As a new Mum, I felt pressured to breastfeed…

I never really wanted to breastfeed, I couldn’t do it well, yet I felt so much pressure to do what everyone else did.

Piercing a baby’s ears: abuse or acceptable?

Is piercing a baby’s ears acceptable? Is it considered abuse? Do we need to consider the child’s right to consent? As the decision maker, parents have a lot to think about when it come to their children.

6am Saturday, I was finding the nearest mental health facility to check into. By 9am, I got the wake-up call I needed…

Bryce and I were having one of our regular marital fights about who was the one to cause us to run late.

This particular Saturday morning, our seemingly minuscule blow-up nearly pushed me over the edge.

Gender disappointment and its effects

Have you experienced gender disappointment?

I did for the briefest of moments.

Bryce and I wanted to know the twins gender early as we had to buy double of everything and admittedly wanted to avoid potential gender disappointment.

Sexual positivity: for everyone to openly discuss or only acceptable for a minority?

It is common now, more than ever, for people to speak openly about sex. Whether it be a preferred toy, position, or who’s recently joined Only Fans – social media is a buzz with sexual exploits. As fantastic as the taboo of sexual discussions is shifting to a more positive stance, I do wonder; does

I’m 35 and I don’t know how to make friends as an adult.

I’m not an expert in this field, so I’d like to hear your thoughts on this dilemma. How on earth do you make friends as an adult Especially if you’re a parent. I recently turned 35 and similar to the natural collagen in my face, my friendship pool is declining. People say it is because


Dedicated to a loved one and his family You fight back tears until you can no longer. And we cry with you too. Though our tears are not for us. They are for you. They are for your family. They are for all the people your loved one has left behind. We see you trying

Sleep deprivation made me not want to be a Mum

Trigger warning: sleep training, mental health and intrusive thoughts. Sleep training or co-sleeping? Cry-it-out method or rocking to sleep? Never wake a sleeping baby or stick to a strict routine? What’s right and what’s wrong? What may align with your parenting values are likely to be different to mine and others.

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