Author: Melissa Rawson

Sexual positivity: for everyone to openly discuss or only acceptable for a minority?

It is common now, more than ever, for people to speak openly about sex.   Whether it be a preferred toy, position, or who’s recently joined Only Fans – social media is a buzz with sexual exploits.  As fantastic as the taboo of sexual discussions is shifting to a more positive stance, I do wonder; does […]

The voicemail that made AFL and Reality TV collide into a bullying storm

Warning: listener discretion is advised (offensive language) Alright, you’ve listened to the voicemail. If you haven’t, give the play button a click above. Again, warning to little ears around or if you’re offended by swearing. Now, let me provide you with the context behind this expletive voicemail. By the way, does the ‘C’ word give […]

The night we saved our neighbour’s life… and we’d never met before

The screams and cries for help I heard that night will never leave me. Just a normal Sunday evening… Bryce, the twins and I had been out all day. We arrived home around 4 o’clock and were getting settled in for the night. Bryce began our bedtime routine for Levi and Tate while I made […]

When I say “childcare”, what comes to mind? For me, it’s “sickness” and “money”

Levi and Tate commenced childcare in May 2023. We had many trial days and they would cry hysterically when I left their studio. This would then make me cry hysterically and often had me rethinking my life choices.  We powered through the first couple of months of childcare, with nothing more than a runny nose or cough. […]

My top 10 must-have baby products I couldn’t live without as a new Mum

As a first-time parent, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all the baby products on the market. I had trouble deciding what would likely be a necessity versus what I would consider a luxury. Of course, we all want what’s best for our baby, while trying to keep our bank balance in check. I […]

Why going back to work after a baby isn’t easy

I returned to full-time work after 14 months of being a stay-at-home mum (SAHM). During those newborn days (when sleep and regular showers didn’t exist), it was six weeks after bringing the twins home from NICU that I was ready to hang up the mum towel and return to work immediately. When the twins reached […]